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All rental/private booking requests MUST be requested to the point of contact listed on the website, a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the request. Immediately following approval and 25% deposit and a $100 damage deposit must be mailed to the WEC OR hand delivered to a member of the booking committee and received prior to the scheduled rental/booking.
Rentals/Bookings may be denied based on the following; rentals/bookings cannot cause a weekend to be fully booked and eliminate the opportunity for public riding, rentals/bookings cannot interfere with regularly scheduled WEC events, there will be no rentals between 5pm and 10pm during the week. All weekend rentals will conclude at 5pm that day to allow for public use of the facility.  

If you wish to bring in livestock you must rent the facility.  


Saturdays, Sundays, & Holidays  

8 am to 6 pm        $200                                                                              


 9 am to 1 pm     $75
 1 pm to 5 pm     $75
5 pm to 10 pm    Not Available for Rental

Hourly rental rate of $50.00/hour

Contact Cayley Harvey for rentals

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